GNC Folic Acid 400 mcg (100 Tablets) Exp.03/2023


  • Gnc Folic Acid 400Mcg: Contributes To A Healthy PregnancyGnc Folic Acid 400Mcg Is An Important B Vitamin That Contributes To Healthy Fetal Development. Folic Acid Is The Synthetic Type Of Folate, A Vitamin Found Naturally In Leafy Green Vegetables. Fortified Products Like Cereal, Flour And Pasta Also Frequently Contain The Nutrient. It Plays A Critical Role In The Replication And Repair Of Dna. Folic Acid May Play A Role In The Maintenance Of Normal Homocysteine Levels.
  • Benefits: Supports Healthy Red Blood Cell Production
  • Assists In Proper Dna Formation&Bull; Provides Nutrients Important For Healthy Fetal Developmen

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