Terumo Digital Basal Thermometer C520 (White) *Made in Japan*


Terumo Digital Basal Thermometer C520

  1. Record and manage female basal bodytemperature data, and generate basal body temperature curve at the same time tofacilitate identification of ovulation day;
  2. Record and manage the menstruation and dateof havingsexual intercourse, and display it in the basal temperaturecurve;
  3. Display basal temperature curve;
  4. Provide several typical basal bodytemperature curve examples: including normal ovulation, anovulation, pregnancy, lack of lutein, etc.;
  5. Made in Japan.

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Feature of product :


  • Long record date: automatically record 480 days of measurement results
  • – Record past measured values ​​and display them as graphs, which can be compared with past measured values. Automatically record the measurement results of more than one year, which can be compared with last year’s measurement results.
  • Short measurement time: only 25-40 seconds every morning Using newer prediction technology, you can predict body temperature after 5 minutes within 25-40 seconds.
  • There are many measurement contents: measuring the next ovulation period and physiological period according to the record of the basic body temperature, the next ovulation period and physiological period can be calculated. From the start of the measurement, before the fourth physiological period arrives, enter it correctly, and then the ovulation period and physiological period can be calculated automatically.
  • KIRA-KIRA icon display: From the 6th to the 14th day from the start of menstruation, the KIRA-KIRA icon is automatically displayed to inform the period of low body temperature for more effective health and beauty.
  • Rich icons: up to 7 types
  • – According to the physical condition of the day, you can enter 7 different health status memos. Such as physiology, fever, abnormal bleeding, sexual intercourse, taking medicine, etc.
  • Luminous display lamp, LCD screen,electronic prompt tone
  • – Can be measured at night and in dimly lit places.
  • Easy to carry: equipped with a thermometer box, small and cute, easy to carry




The oral cavity temperature of the human body is relatively stable. Close the lips for 2-5 minutes before the measurement to stabilize the temperature in the mouth. Place the temperature-sensing head of the thermometer on the root of the underside of the tongue, close the lips.

Note: When smoking or drinking cold or hot drinks, the oral temperature will rise or fall, so it should be measured 30 minutes after the above behavior stops. It will prompt when the measurement time is up.